MMSU to offer BS psychology next year

By Daniel P. Tapaoan, Jr.


Young Ilocanos may soon pursue Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) next academic year. 


The offering of the degree at the MMSU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was approved by the University Board of Regents (BOR) in its regular meeting last October 14. 


Prof. Christine Joy Lim, program in-charge and faculty member of the CAS - Department of Social Sciences, said psychology professionals are direly needed in our country today, thus the degree offering. 


The move is also in consonance with Republic Act 11036 (Mental Health Law) which pushes for the establishment of more mental health services in education, workplace, and community. 


Additionally, it addresses the increasing demand for mental health professionals, more especially that studies show the COVID-19 pandemic continually triggers mental health-related problems. 


“As our province is also developing economically with the influx of multi-national companies investing here, the need to outsource workforces can be minimized by supplying more BS Psychology graduates from MMSU,” she said. 


To obtain the degree, future students must complete 141 units, which include general education courses (36), basic courses (8), required courses (45), psychology elective courses (12), natural sciences electives (20), physical education (8), national service training program (6), and enhancement courses (6). 


The undergraduate program is considered as a pre-medicine course and viable for pre-law and business management courses. Future graduates can also venture on the following specializations: clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, social, and industrial or organizational psychology as specializations. 


Future psychology graduates can become registered psychometricians and/or psychologists as long as they pass board examinations and undertake specialized trainings. 


MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis assured future students its “competent and high-caliber professors of the program will surely develop industry-ready graduates, thereby contributing to national development.” 


The faculty will be composed of Dr. Elizabeth Marfel Gagni, Dr. Ricardo Guanzon, and Prof. Lim, licensed psychologists; and Prof. Eddie Boy Trongco, and Prof. Oliver Wendell Caraang (and Dr. Gagni), licensed psychometricians. 


Agrupis said that the University is currently working on the laboratory construction and completion of library resources at CAS to deliver the course more effectively.


Further, students will also enjoy free tuition and exemption from other fees under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (RA 10931).


The University expects high school graduates in Ilocos Norte, particularly those under Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS) strands, to enroll in the program, as suggested by survey results. 


The course, however, is open to all senior high school graduates, regardless of their chosen strand, so long they adhere to existing University admission requirements and procedures. 


As of this year, there are 1,459 registered psychologists and 25,251 licensed psychometricians in the Philippines. (StratCom)