Office Directory

# 16 Quiling Sur, City of Batac 2906 Ilocos Norte, Philippines


Dr. Shirley C. Agrupis

University President

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0459

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Vice Presidents

Dr. Prima Fe R. Franco

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0459

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Dr. Oscar M. Agpaoa (OIC)

Vice-President for Administration and Finance

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0459

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Dr. Carmelo J. Esteban

Vice-President for Research, Extension and Business

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0459

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Engr. Ami Ruth R. Cocson

Vice-President for Planning and Development

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0459

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Academic Deans

Dr. Joselito I. Rosario

College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 600-0547 (Dean's Office)

(63)(077) 600-0509 (Dept. of Agricultural Science)

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Prof. Veronica O. Grande

College of Aquatic Science and Applied Technology

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 676-0005

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Dr. Marivic M. Alimbuyuguen

College of Arts and Sciences

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 670-2105

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Dr. Angelina B. Abrojena

College of Business, Economics, and Accountancy

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 670-1874 (Dean's Office)

(63)(077) 676-0143 (Tourism/Hospitality Management)

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Dr. Nathaniel R. Alibuyog

College of Engineering

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 676-0048

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Prof. Ryan Dean T. Sucgang (OIC)

College of Health Sciences

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 670-1920

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Dr. Cesario Y. Pacis

College of Industrial Technology

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 772-2716

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Dr. Eliza T. Samson

College of Teacher Education

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 670-7964

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Atty. Brian Jay Corpuz

College of Law

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Dr. Richardo S. Guanzon

College of Medicine

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Dr. Virgilio Julius P. Manzano Jr.

Graduate School

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 772-3051

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Offices under the Office of the President

Prof. Luvee Hazel C. Aquino

University and Board Secretary

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Atty. Ma. Saniata R. Marcos (OIC)

Legal Officer

Ms. Christine Mae B. Piza

Chief, Internal Audit Service

Prof. James Patrick A. Acang

Chief, Data Protection Office

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Office for Strategic Communication

Mr. Reynaldo E. Andres

Director, Office for Strategic Communication

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Mr. John Vincent B. Toribio

Chief, Information Services

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Mr. Ryan Roi B. Domingo

Chief, Digital Media

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Mr. Procopio B. Dafun Jr.

Chief, Documentation Services

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Offices under the Office of the Vice-Pres for Academic Affairs


University Registrar

Prof. Henedine A. Aguinaldo

Director, University Registrar

Tel. No. : (63)(077) 600-0460

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Dr. Annjeannette Alain D. Galang

Chief, Admission

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Student Affairs and Services

Dr. Elizabeth Marfel F. Gagni

Director, Student Affairs and Services

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Dr. Geraldeen B. Pascual

Chief, Student Welfare

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Prof. Milagros B. Barruga

Chief, Institutional Student Programs and Services

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Dr. Jan Rich A. Guira

Chief, Student Development

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University Library

Ms. Eliza G. Villarin

Director, University Library System

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Center for Human Movement Studies

Prof. Arsenio T. Gallego

Director, Center for Human Movement Studies

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Mr. Clarence S. Ordonia

Chief, Sports Development

Mr. Rowell C. Tagatac

Chief, Cultural Development

Dr. Jovenita A. Aragon

Chief, ETEEAP Office

E-mail :

Engr. Vladimir P. Ibañez

Chief, NSTP Office

Dr. Byron Joseph A. Hallar

Chief, Distance Learning

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Dr. Ronald Candy S. Lasaten

Chief, Instructional Materials Development

Mr. Jay Pee B. Ilacas

Chief, OJT|SIPP|Practicum Office

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Offices under the Office of the Vice-Pres for Administrative and Finance


Administrative Services

Prof. Andres Y. Tungpalan

Director, Adminstrative Services

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Ms. Phebe M. Pasion

Chief, Supply & Property Management

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 600-0461

E-mail :

Ms. Rebecca P. Rangcapan

Chief, Records & Archives Management System

E-mail :

Mr. Alexander C. Martinez

Chief, Document Tracking System

Financial Management Services

Dr. Oscar M. Agpaoa

Director, Financial Management Services

E-mail :

Ms. Imelda C. Corpuz

Chief, Accounting Office


Ms. Remedelina G. Villena

Chief, Budget Office

E-mail :

Ms. Amelita U. Pungtilan

Chief, Cashier's Office

E-mail :

Human Resources Management

Ms. Marcela V. Aison

Director, Human Resource Management

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Dr. Fides Bernardo A. Bitanga

University Personnel Development Program


Mr. Gerard S. Ragudo

In-Service Trainings

Health and Wellness Services

Dr. Leonisa A. Silvestre

Director, Health and Wellness Services

Tel. No. : (63)(077) 792-3959

E-mail :

Ms. Shareid Shundy B. Aguilar

Chief, University Psychological Testing Center

Security Services

Mr. Jan Francis O. Javier

Director, Security Services

Tel. no. : (63)(077) 670-2106

E-mail :


Mr. Jimmy A. Banayat

Chief of Security

E-mail :

Mr. Jan Francis O. Javier

Chief, Disaster Risk Reduction


Mr. Erick Jay A. Dela Cruz

Director, Procurement

E-mail :

Mr. Erick Jay A. Dela Cruz

Chief, Procurement Planning

Ms. Agnes L. Gabriel

Chief, BAC Secretariat

E-mail :

Mr. Erick Jay A. Dela Cruz

Chief, Contract Management

General Services

Engr. Samuel S. Franco

Director, General Services

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Dr. Floramante C. Pastor

Chief, Pollution Control Unit

Mr. Rogelio D. Tagatac

Chief, Carpentry

Mr. Romeo L. Borromeo

Chief, Plumbing

Mr. Freddie Michael S. Balanay

Chief, Electrical Services

Engr. Wilson R. Duldulao

Chief, Electronics

Mr. Louie T. Ruguian

Chief, Motorpool & Mechanical Services

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 792-4192

Mr. Franklin S. Clarion

Chief, Ground Maintenance

Mr. Geovannie Stanley S. Malab

Chief, Landscaping

E-mail :

Mr. Joel I. Adajar

Chief, Visual Arts


Offices under the Office of the Vice-Pres for Research, Extension, and Business

Dr. Marilou P. Lucas

Director, Research

E-mail :

Dr. Reynold M. Caoili

Chief, Regional Research and Training Center for Climate Change Studies

Prof. Anabelle B. Alejo

Chief, Tuklas Lunas Development Center

Engr. Thomas D. Ubiña

Chief, National Bioenergy Research & Innovation Center

Dr. Dionisio S. Bucao

Chief, Garlic Research Center

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 670-1898

Prof. Estrella O. Domingo

Chief, Natural Resources Conservation & Management Center

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 670-1898

Engr. Samuel S. Franco

Chief, Center for Innovative Materials in Emerging Applications

E-mail :

Dr. Criselda M. Balisacan

Chief, Humanities, Social Science, Communication & Education Research Center


Dr. Aris Reynold V. Cajigal

Director, Extension

E-mail :

Alternate E-mail :

Ms. Bella C. Gervacio

Chief, Training & Continuing Education

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 792-3501

E-mail :

Dr. Sosima R. Demandante

Chief, Technology Demonstration

Ms. Mercy Fausta R. Gaño

Chief, Applied Communication

Ms. Bella C. Gervacio

Chief, Training Facilities


Ms. Lenie G. Bayangos

Director, Business

E-mail :

Ms. Vinamay Grace R. Cabugon

Chief, Accommodation

Mr. Norman D. Viernes

Chief, Food Services

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 792-2568

Dr. Susan G. Aquino

Chief, Agribusiness

Ms. Corazon Diana A. Pastor

Chief, Meat Processing

Ms. Kristel Ivy J. Badar

Chief, Marketing Center

Mr. Rogelio A. Abiva Jr.

Chief, SIP Hub

S&T Park

Dr. Marlowe U. Aquino

Director, S&T Park

E-mail :

Alternate E-mail :

Prof. Rhoda T. Garcia

Chief, Food Products Innovation Center

Ms. Mishael Joy S. Barrera

Chief, Technology Business Incubation

E-mail :

Dr. Mark R. Limon

Chief, Product Safety and Standards


Prof. Ryan Dean T. Sucgang

Chair, URERB

E-mail :


Dr. Dionisio S. Bucao

Chair, UITSO

E-mail :


Offices under the Office of the Vice-Pres for Planning and Development

Prof. Reynold P. Villacillo

Director, Planning

E-mail :

Alternate E-mail :

Dr. Bobby A. Eclarin

Chief, Data Science Unit

E-mail :

Dr. Sherlyn B. Nicolas

Chief, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

Tel. no.: (63)(077) 792-3507

Information Technology Center

Dr. Saturnina F. Nisperos

Director, Information Technology Center

E-mail :

Alternate E-mail :


Mr. Arman A. Barruga

Chief, Software Development & Network Administration

Mr. Prospero T. Valdez Jr.

Chief, Technical Service & Maintenance

E-mail :

External Linkages & Partnership

Dr. Mee Jay A. Domingo

Director, External Linkages & Partnership

Tel. No. : (63)(077) 792-3507

E-mail :


Prof. Ryan Dean T. Sucgang

Chief, Alumni Relations


Dr. Marlowe U. Aquino

Chief, International Programs

E-mail :

Prof. Jeanette G. Dials

Chief, International Faculty & Student Mobility

E-mail :

Physical Planning & Development

Engr. Romeo R. Duldulao

Director, Physical Planning & Development Office

E-mail :

Arch. Aida V. Cabang

Chief, Physical Planning Section

Engr. Romeo R. Duldulao

Chief, Project Management Section

Engr. Michael N. Duldulao

Chief, LACAD

E-mail :

Quality Assurance

Dr. Frederick F. Rodrigo

Director, Quality Assurance

E-mail :

Dr. Margarita G. Hilario

Chief, Programs & Institutional Accreditation

E-mail :

Dr. Michelle D. Reynera

Chief, International Accreditation

E-mail :


Program Coordinators (Campus Directors)

Dr. Jocelyn A. Bernabe

CAFSD, Dingras

E-mail :

Engr. Ruben J. Dabalos

CIT, Paoay


Chiefs of Academic / College-based Center

Mr. Leonardo D. Tejano

Chief, Center for Iloko & Amianan Studies (GS)

E-mail :

Alternate E-mail :

Prof. Aleli R. Martin

Chief, CHED Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

E-mail :

Dr. Marlina L. Lino

Chief, Language Center (CAS)

E-mail :

Ms. Carmencita A. Saladino

Chief, Marine-Based Product Research & Development Center (CAS)

Ms. Rhea R. Espiritu

Chief, Center for Diver Training & Education (CASAT)

Dr. Maria Eliza S. Lopez

Chief, Sentro ng Wika at Kultura (CTE)

E-mail :



Dr. Bert A. Gamiao

Laboratory Schools - Laoag

Tel no.: (63)(077) 772-5162

E-mail :

Dr. Bert A. Gamiao

Laboratory Schools - Batac

Tel no.: (63)(077) 792-3538