MMSU is region’s best HEI in crime prevention

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WITH ITS innovative initiatives to maintain peace and order in the campus, the Mariano Marcos State University was recognized by CHED as the best higher education institution in Region 1 in the implementation of the government's crime prevention campaign program.

CHED cited the university, under the leadership of Dr. Prima Fe Franco, saying that MMSU has become the agency's reliable partner for change and innovation, thus, "carrying on to built our synergy in upholding the safety and security of our students thereby assuring them of a crime-free learning environment."

The plaque of recognition, which came in as a surprise, was received by Prof. Henedine Aguinaldo, MMSU's director for Student Services and Development, during the 2017 Regional Student Affairs and Services Conference held Feb. 24 at the Oasis Country Resort and Hotel at the City of San Fernando, La Union. The theme of the conference was "Transforming student affairs and services towards global responsiveness and enhancing campus student centeredness."

In her report to Dr. Franco, Prof. Aguinaldo said the awarding was one of the highlights of the conference's opening program. The said award was not earlier announced and that’s why it came as a surprise.

"The award was based on the report that the SSD submitted in our advocacy to implement a school-based crime prevention campaign," she said.

The said campaign involves faculty members, staff, and students to make them aware that crime may occur inside campus at anytime.

Since it is the goal of the Security and Monitoring Services (SMS) office to decrease crime inside the campus, every available resource is used, such as the installation of closed circuits television camera, and the two-way-traffic at the entrance of twin gates which also serves as exit point.

However, these are only minimal in scope. Disinterest and complacency are always the prime contributors to the success of crime, which is why the burden of crime prevention rests not only with the SMS but also with each employee in the MMSU system.

In September last year, the University Student Council, together with the SSD, carried out a series of events to highlight crime prevention awareness. Among the activities were a march around the campus, artistic and literary-musical competitions, and a symposium.

MMSU also integrates dangerous drugs prevention concerns in the general education component of the course offerings. Discussions and classroom activities emphasizing concepts as indicated in the course syllabi in general education courses such as in Sociology 1 (Society and Culture with Family Planning), Values Education1 (Personality Development) and in NSTP-CWTS 1 were carried out.

Drug prevention concerns are likewise integrated in the professional subjects particularly that of education and health-related courses.

Drug prevention and control corners were established in the guidance counselors’ offices strategically located in the eight colleges and five units of the university. Flyers and hand-outs for students’ easy-reading and reference are readily available in these corners.


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