5 MMSU graduates top teacher exam

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AFFIRMING its sterling reputation as one of the finest teacher education schools in the country, MMSU shined anew in the September 2016 Licensure Examination for Teachers, landing sixth in the prestigious roster of top-performing schools, and with five of its graduates emerging as topnotchers.

Of the 228 examinees fielded by the MMSU College of Teacher Education in the examination for elementary teachers, two hundred made the mark, thus achieving an 87.72 percent passing percentage which is the sixth highest nationwide. The national passing average stood at only 30.18 percent.

The five topnotchers are Clarissa P. Pascual at seventh place with a rating of 86.80 percent; Shiena Mae T. Acierda and Ralph Christian V. Currimao, both at eighth place, 86.60; and Heidiebel C. Balais and Darie Mae A. Mateo, both tenth placers, 86.20.

In an interview with The MMSU Newsletter, CTE Dean Eliza Samson expressed her happiness over the LET Results. “Our efforts to help our graduates through the LET Enhancement Program, continues to pay off,” she remarked. Held every Saturday for five months, the said review program involves CTE faculty members as lecturers and resource persons in the three areas: General Education, Professional Education, and the majorship. For CTE’s latest achievements, Dr. Samson gives credit to the “concerted effort of the college community and the support of the university administration.”

Of the 228 examinees, 209 are first timers, of whom 195 (93.30%) passed while 19 are repeaters, of whom only 5 (26.32%) made it. Dr. Samson said they are trying their best to reach out to re-takers. However, the dean observed that while retakers have been offered review classes for free, most of them do not avail of the services being offered by CTE.

For the examination for secondary teachers, MMSU also performed well with a passing rate of 70.59 percent, over twice the 33.78 percent national average.

A testimonial progam for the successful examinees is being planned to be tendered by CTE in January.

MMSU is a Center of Excellence in Teacher Education. It is one of the pioneer members of the National Network of Normal Schools. CTE alumni have occupied key positions in the Department of Education (DepED)-Region I and form bulk of the teaching workforce in Ilocos Norte.

The Ilocos Norte Normal School, a predecessor of CTE, will celebrate its centennial next year, 2017. (By Herdy La. Yumul)

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