MMSUFAAI President’s Report 2015

Report delivered by Hon.

Report delivered by Hon. BISMARK ANGELO A. QUIDANG, FAAI President and Alumni Regent last 29 June 2015 during the Governing Board Assembly at the University Training Center, MMSU, City of Batac

There is a saying that states good things happen in pairs. For me being the President of the FAAI, this proved to be a very prophetic one. Leading the organization for two consecutive terms with the best minds in the alumni group is a thing that I would really feel very proud of. With this, I can say that the primary character that fuelled the organization in order for it to keep running smoothly is TEAMWORK.

Yes, my dear friends and co-alumni, the achievements of the past two years could make use of the word TEAMWORK as an acrostic. The following are the accomplishments of the FAAI officialdom from 2013 to 2015:

  • T is for TACKLING the responsibilities of being the Alumni Regent. With your trust and confidence, I was able to ably represent the interests of the organization and was active in all the deliberations made by the Board of Regents during regular and special meetings. Our voice was heard in issues that matter most. We exercised our rights and our authority as a major stakeholder in carrying out in formulating and carrying out policies and procedures for the betterment of the University. Currently, as we journey to another very challenging task of choosing the next MMSU President, it is important that the force and the influence of the alumni should be felt strongly to uphold its aspirations and will serve as a guide and support for the next University leader as the Office of the President would welcome the next occupant.

  • E stands for EXPANDING the benefits of the Alumni Identification Card. To date, there are 25 establishments in Ilocos Norte that provides benefits and discounts to bona fide alumni members who bear the MMSU Alumni ID. From a starting number of 11, we aggressively campaigned for the expansion of services and goods that an alumnus could avail using the said card. Some of the notable establishments that partnered with us are (enumerate). It is hoped that more and more businesses and establishments even from outside the province.

  • A is for ASSISTING the Alumni Relations Office and the other student organizations in the conduct of their programs. The ARO has been a very staunch partner and ally in the pursuit of excellence in the service of the University. Its BALIK-ALUMNUS program has gained much popularity and has helped in expanding the knowledge of both faculty and students via the lectures conducted by distinguished alumni of every college since its inception. With this, the FAAI has always been there via the different chapters in extending a helping hand as the activity is being conducted. Also, financial and moral support was also continuously given to the PESSDO and other varsity teams as Team MMSU campaigns for supremacy in sports and cultural competitions especially during the SCUAA-1 Olympics.

  • M alludes to MAKING the FAAI Constitution and By-Laws in tune with the times. The primal document that defines the very existence of the FAAI – its CBL – has already seen better days. Some of its provisions need very essential makeovers, while additional measures should also be inserted to ensure that the common interest of individual alumni and chapters will be given due acknowledgement and action. During this Administration, we have worked very hard to set things straight for this endeavour to bear fruit. Thus, we have started consultation tasks to get the pulse of the alumni and to make sure that every idea is heard as far as the amending the CBL is concerned. This formidable task is given due attention and extra effort since it reflects the conviction of the current officialdom of making every move and action of the MMSUFAAI fair, justifiable and transparent.

  • W stands for WORKING on the First Alumni Queen to be staged. During the 2014 Pamulinawen Festival of the City of Laoag, the MMSUFAAI crowned the First Alumni Queen, Ofe Rosal R. Pascua-Acojida, and her Royal Court. This project is an income-generating endeavour which benefitted the chapters more as it topped-up a gross amount of more than one million pesos during its canvassing. The following are the amount given as shares of the different chapters during the said activity:

    • CTE-Tertiary-Php 446, 098.00
    • CBEA-Php 365, 245.00
    • CHS- Php 91, 041.50
    • LHS-Laoag- Php 44, 611.75
    • CAS- Php 34, 471.00
    • Graduate School- Php 33,110.00
    • LES-Laoag- Php 26, 041.00
    • CAFSD-Batac– Php 21, 625.00;
    • CAFSD-Dingras- Php 22, 500.00;
    • UHS-Batac – Php 20, 670.00;
    • COE- Php 10, 090.00;
    • CASAT- Php 8, 250.00;
    • CIT- Php 4, 950.00.

    With the funds accrued by the MMSUFAAI, we were able to sustain the AFAP or the Alumni Financial Assistance Program – a project which gave monetary aid Licensure Examinees, research studies, small-scale businesses and students. While some were not able to appreciate this effort, the MMSUFAAI officialdom was able to hurdle this challenge and came out successfully.

  • O is for OPTIMIZING the chances of MMSU alumni to pass the Civil Service Exams. The FAAI has always been committed to serve the alumni group in any way we can. In the process, we became creative in looking for ways to extend this help. One specific area where we were able to probe is the concern of alumni working in government offices in their quest for security of tenure and promotion. In 2013, the Association in partnership with the Office of the Vice Mayor of the City of Batac , conducted a Free Review Class for Civil Service Exam takers. Tapping the expertise of top lecturers from the University, the said project ran for 4 weekends and was able to benefit 117 reviewees. It is anticipated that more and more alumni – and even non-alumni – will be provided for by this project in the future.

  • R is for REITERATING the rationale of putting up the Balay ti Alumni or Alumni Cottage. The MMSU Administration under Dr. Miriam E. Pascua has approved, in principle, the construction of the said edifice as a symbol of our warm welcome and reception to those alumni who came from afar and wished to spend quality time with their Alma Mater. This is considered of top priority since we believe that this is already long overdue. With this, initial plans are pushed forward to cover for this project – including dialogues with the PPGSSD and the chapters. Nevertheless, the FAAI is always steadfast in making this dream become a reality.

  • Lastly, K stands for KEEPING the other former projects sustained and continued. I have already mentioned the AFAP, which I think is the noblest project of the MMSUFAAI so far. It is hoped that more beneficiaries will be given the chance to avail of this assistance program. Also, our outreach programs to far-flung barangays and to marginalized special groups are worthy of mentioning I would also wish to announce the on-going efforts currently done by the MMSUFAAI in seeking and reaching out to alumni groups who wish to be recognized. Guided by the principle of STRENGTH IN NUMBER, it is always the mind set of the MMSUFAAI that we give every bona fide alumnus of a group that he or she could belong to. We are carrying out our annual registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and are currently included in the list of taxpayers by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). We are also working side by side for the generation of the Graduate Tracer Survey (GTS) to help in tracking our alumni after graduation.

     My fellow alumni, I will echo the statement that I have said last 2013: our achievements were not fulfilled without all your help. Thanks to all of you. With these tangible manifestations, the achievement that is never seen – but felt and pondered upon – is again very evident: it is the paradigm shift of the organization from social networking, reunions, and alumni homecomings to curricular and co-curricular concerns and extension thrusts. May this remain as a legacy to be continued for as long as the MMSUFAAI exists.

     May I then take this personal opportunity to give my salute to my co-officers who jelled with me throughout my leadership. It is to them that I dedicate the acronym TEAMWORK. Truly, they are the basic ingredients that epitomized the MMSUFAAI as a solid organization that is never shaken nor afraid of seeking for novel ideas in carrying out its mandate.

     For me, this is the most creative and optimistic batch of officers that I know of at present. With this, I could say that you got your trust’s worth when you declared of a status quo officialdom two years ago. As I end this speech, I wish to thank the following individuals and groups that made the past two years manageable:

    • The University, headed by Dr. Miriam E. Pascua as the former President and Dr. Prima Fe R. Franco as the OIC, for supporting all alumni endeavors great and small;

    • The ARO under the able leadership of Dr. Doreen D. Domingo, together with Ms. Veronica S. Macadangdang and Ms. Arceli C. Salvador, for becoming the arms and legs of the MMSUFAAI without complaining and always giving their best for the benefit of the alumni group;

    • The Alumni Coordinators for being willing helpmeets of their chapters in their service as liaisons between their colleges/units and the ARO/MMSUFAAI;

    • The Chapter officers, for making things work in their respective organizations, and in return making things easier for the MMSUFAAI to handle;

    • My fellow officers, for being with me during the past four years serving unselfishly and without regret of being elected;

    • All alumni – known and unknown – who in one way or another brought glory and fame to our school and to our group;

    • The MMSUFAAI benefactors and partner establishments for recognizing and acknowledging the significance of the organization and its members;

    • and most especially to our Almighty Father, who is always there to guide the affairs of men and institutions.

     I would still endeavour to continue having a healthy working relationship with the University and with the whole alumni body. There is still much work to do, and more dreams to fulfil. But then again, the writing of another story of the MMSUFAAI is in your hands. To the next set of officers, I wish the best of luck and God’s blessing. Mabuhay ang MMSUFAAI! Thank you and good day.

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