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The Balik-Alumni Program is one of the programs of the Alumni Relations Office & MMSU Federated Alumni Association Incorporated which primarily involves successful and accomplished alumni who return to their Alma Mater for them to... [read more]
The Federated Alumni Association Inc., in a meeting on March 8, has finalized the guidelines for the implementation of the Alumni Financial Assistance Program (AFAP) to help new graduates slated to take the board exams... [read more]
The alumni of the MMSU College of Teacher Education (and its predecessor schools)  who are based in Hawaii have finally organized themselves into an association named as  NORMALITES OF HAWAII (LNS, INNS, NLTC, NLSC, MMSU... [read more]
The Graduate Tracer Study or eGTS is a web-based graduate tracer survey that serves as an important tool for institutional development, a strategy to get  systematic feedback from former students’ whereabouts, their working conditions and... [read more]
The alumni of the university got together January 13 and joined the celebration of MMSU’s 34th foundation anniversary. The Alumni Relations Office and the Mariano Marcos State University Federated Alumni Association, Incorporated (MMSUFAAI) prepared activities... [read more]
The Medical Doctors (MMSU Alumni) who served during the three-day activity (January 7-9, 2013) were: Dr. Jerwin Johnted G. Asuncion, Municipal Health Unit, Carasi, Ilocos Norte, BS in Biology, 2001 Dr. Christina J. Pingao, Rural Health Unit... [read more]
The MMSU Federated Alumni Association awarded financial assistance to 16 graduating students from the various colleges and elementary and high school departments of the university in a ceremony held at the CTE... [read more]
        The Department of Biology of CAS recently conducted Annual SCUBASURA: Underwater Reef –Seagrass Communities Clean-up Drive at  Brgy. Bobon,  Burgos Ilocos Norte.  This extension activity involves  environment conscious individual specifically those who understand the value... [read more]
Report delivered by Hon. BISMARK ANGELO A. QUIDANG, FAAI President and Alumni Regent last 29 June 2015 during the Governing Board Assembly at the University Training Center, MMSU, City of Batac There is a saying that... [read more]